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Upcoming Events


Contemporary Arts Center

Friday, April 28th 7pm
Opening Reception for Robert O'Neal Multicultural Arts Center free and open to the public. Click here to register!

The reviews are in!
"The Trouble With Socks" is making its way into people's mailboxes and hearts! I so appreciate the support of so many!
Books available on Amazon!


May all of your socks be trouble-free!

Interview on Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear!
Click here to listen to Podcast 
MAY 2, 2020 - Book Release - The Trouble With Socks - now available on

The book launch event for "The Trouble With Socks" is yet to be determined. Waiting to see what "Rona" is going to do, but plans are for Fall 2021. Stay tuned.

The Trouble With Socks is a book of poetry, in which relationships are metaphorically related to socks that are mysteriously separated between the wash and the dry cycles. Delving into how life experiences dictated her relationship choices, The Trouble With Socks begins with the innocence and nuance of love and slowly spirals into self-doubt, verbal and physical abuse, then rallies back to introspection and healing. The poems are voiced mostly in free-verse (for creative freedom) and each chapter is prefaced with short, biographical narratives. The poems begin with diary-like introductions, giving the date created, the emotions evoked as inspiration and the names of whodunit! Not really whodunit, but you are invited into the darkest crevices of her relationship closet.

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